Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Here are some of the pictures of my time in Tayrona Columbia with my friends Helene, Michael and Micha. Helene and Michael are from Liverpool England. Micha lives in Canada not far from some of my family near Kamloops and the Mighty Fraser river. We had an extordinary time in this idylic setting that was home to the Pre-Columbian Tayrona indians that are said to have numbered one million. Its great that many have written about this jewel. Check out the beautiful beach and surrounding area from this video of Micha emerging from the sand. It is said that the Tayrona built the massive ocean break that makes for the protected swimming area Called "La Piscina" (swimming pool) to make fishing easier. Michael and I hiked up a chalenging trail from the cape to a Tayrona village in the mountains. It is easy to see why these advanced people settled here. The picture of the decaying old cinder block home built on top of what used to be the foundation for a Tayrona home, perfectly illustrates the impermanence of our societies. Things are changing and what will come next?

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