Saturday, January 05, 2008

Aye Caracas!

Used in South America as an expression of something powerful, kinda like WOW or NO WAY. The city is certainly much safer and more enjoyable than I had anticipated based on all the stories that I had heard from fellow travelers. In fact I like the place and the only time I fet unsafe was my first night when I naively was NOT carrying a copy of my passport with me and got hassled by the police on two seperate occasions. The subway here was built in the 1970´s and is excelent shape. It´s easy to use, cost very little, is clean and the trains run on time and will take you all over this very large metropolitan area. I have been staying in an area known as Sabana Grande.
I have uploaded some shots that you can look at by clicking photos. Caracas is definitely a world city that has all the big multi nationals represented here. There seems to be a McDonalds on every Corner and the mall complex called Sambir that is bigger and fancier than any mall I have ever seen in the states. There is definitely some really wealthy people here. There population is very young and opening affectionate. So many really beautiful woman.

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