Thursday, January 03, 2008


I learned that last night from a Brazilain that you can use the word Caracas to denote either extreme of really bad or really good. Tonight I will fly to Caracas so I will get first hand experience soon enough of this much talked about city. I have started a captioned picture gallery here. I fly out tonight at 7pm and am excited. Gotta run, much to do before departure. Hasta Luego~don

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Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

Exciting nwews here. Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus and made the most inspirational speech I have heard since Kennedy. Hillary came in third place and Edward second. Today tyhey are heading for New Hamshire. Hope Obama continues his populaity next week. I will work for him when he gets to California. I am full of hoooooooooope and optimisim that he will be our next president.

Will look forward to hearing your impression of
Caracas. I am a little concerned about the security but I know you will be careful.We will look forward to your next blog when you are settled.