Wednesday, June 25, 2008

North American Homecoming

Date-Time: 6/25/08-About 5:30 in the morning (La Paz time).
Location: La Paz International aiport
Event: Flying back to the United States today after 6 months in South America.

I sit here at the call/Internet center at the airport composing this blog entry. The pace of my travel accelerated significantly upon leaving Banos in Ecuador on May 13th. It has been a bit of a "Whirlwind" pace the last 6 weeks moving through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Made a great group of new friends that I shared much of this last 6 weeks with. When I get back to the states I will put up many new photo galleries of Peru and Bolivia.

Looking forward to being back in the states and being with family and friends. Have an idea for a way to make some money while realizing a long held dream. Will mostly not say more about this until the end of the year. If my plan to make money works out, my return to South America will be much sooner. If it does not work out, the plan is to go to the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East to teach English. Regardless of whether or not my plan for making money from July to December works out, I will be pursuing my dream and that is what matters.

Big Love,


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bolivia-Where the Rich People Live

Strange, finding myself here in Bolivia, in a city called Santa Cruz that is so wealthy it is leading an autonomy movement against Eva Morales who seeeks to keep power centralized. Today I went with my two traveling companions of the moment, Vjen from Belgium and Jill from Australia to an outstanding "Butterfly-Aviary-Swimming-Brunch" park in the jungle on the oustskirts of town. This city has oil, gas, cattle and massive agricultural enterprises that make it very prosperous. It reminds me a bit of Caracas, Venezueula where you have incredible wealth and many folks driving around in brand new SUV´s enjoying the "Good Life". There is also a beauty pageant culture here also and physical enhancement looks to be quite popular.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kids' Chalk Art Project-Guiness Book of World Records

Late Notice-My friend Mark Wagner, along with thousands of kids and adults, is culminating a record breaking chalk art drawing at the Alemeda Naval Air Station. This is happening tomorrow, June 7. Everybody is welcome. Follow the links below for more information. Big Love-Don

Kids Chalk Art Project

Blog on the Project

The Kids' Chalk Art Project is an event to celebrate and invest in the creative spirit of our kids.