Thursday, January 10, 2008

Santa Marta Columbia is "Perfecto"

Yahoo for Santa Marta, I am finally settled into the perfect place for me to focus on learning Spanish. The people of Columbia are openly very friendly compared to the much more reserved Venezuelans. I seem to be making an unintended pilgrimage to Bolivar as Isla Margarita was; quote from Wikipedia, "In 1814, the islanders fought successfully for independence from the Spanish, and Isla Margarita became the first free territory in Venezuela. It was on Margarita Island that Simon Bolivar, later called the Libertador, was confirmed as Commander in Chief of the new republic, la gran Colombia. From there he started to free Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia from the Spanish Crown." Next I went to Caracas and visited the city center where the colonial heritage of Caracas is preserved with many building including Bolivars home and the church where he is entombed. Santa Marta is where Bolivar died after giving up his dream of a united South America, simialr to what had come to pass in the United States. There are a great many quotes from Bolivar, one in which he puts himself into a group with Jesus and Don Quioxte, check em out.

I start classes on Monday from 10-1 daily, Mondays through Friday. My single room at the Hotel Miramar is only a short block from the beach and costs only $5 per night. Santa Marta has everything for me: Spanish school, excellent swimming, broadband Internet and all for very little money. I will be staying here for some weeks and look forward to updating my blog with entries to get me up to present. All for now, BIG LOVE-don


Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

Sounds as if you have found paradise. Very condusive to studying, swimming and learning about the culture. I can't imagine a hotel room for $5.00 a night. What a find.

Hillary won in New Hampshire so Obama is all fired up to go the distance and win.February 5th will tell the story.
Shannon is already in Michigan to grease the wheels for the next caucus.

All for now. Glad Santa Marta is to your liking.We miss you.



Anonymous said...


Great to hear that your ALSO pleased that I´ve found the perfect place studying spanish. I had my first lesson for two hours today today with one other student from Prague. It was excellent. Very nice to have begun my studies in earnst.



Anonymous said...

Hey Don,
I am wondering what Spanish school you attended - I am also travelling colombia and am interested in learning spanish.
Thanks you,

willywonka55 said...

Hi, I tried one place in Santa Marta who had excelent classes one-to-one for 8 USD an hour. Mail Elsa for information:

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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Anonymous said...


You got the e-mail address wrong though, Doña Elsas e-mail is nothing else.
She present herself a little bit more in her homepage

scott davidson said...

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