Friday, January 11, 2008

Classes have started-Primera Dia!

Excelente! Today I had my first spanish class for two hours today with Elizabeth from Czechoslovakia. I told how I was in Prague in February of 1990 right after the Iron Curtain began to come down and had met a 19 year old East Berliner named Dorte. Dorte was not happy that the wall was coming down because she said at least under Communism everyone had a job, a place to live, food and medical attention. She admitted that it might not have been the best of everything and that maybe you woud have to wait in line for things, but at least everyone had enough. She feared that soon there would be homeless people and problems with drug and unemployment. Elizabeth said she understood this point of view but that she would not be traveling here to Columbia if the wall was still up. Hard to argue with the truth in that observation. It´s also plain to see that in Russia Putin came to power because the promise of freedom under democracy esposued by the west was not kept. Life for the majority of people under communism was better before communism fell to capitalism. Anyway´s it is great to be able to travel. It can be very educational and it´s possible to meet the most intersting people.

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