Saturday, February 02, 2008


Greetings from Buritaca where the river meets the sea. To see a
subtitled photo gallery of this trip click here. To get
to the beach you have to cross the Buritaca river first. The current
is pretty strong, and my french friend Gwendolyn is shown making
the crossing.

In the distance is the Santa Marta mountains and if you
look clearly you can see that they are covered in snow. Pretty
nice being at the beach in 100 degree weather and seeing snow
on the mountains.

Paula lives in Bogata and is out on a circuit driving around
Combia to Carnval in Baranquil. One of her stops was at
Baritaka and her and her friends gave us a ride back to Santa
Marta in the back of the pickup truck. She sat back with
Gwendolyn and me. She´s studying business management
and after her 6 year program she will go and work for her
father who has a casino.

When we got back to Santa
Marta the roads were clogged
with Carnival revelers. Here are
some parading down the main


Anonymous said...

Hey Don,

Had to leave you an email ... Andy just updated the EBNOM Web Site (a project that you started) and it's great! Check it out! Looks like you're having an incredible time ... keep it up!


Hillary said...

Looks beautiful! What an amazing adventure you're having!