Monday, January 07, 2008

Leaving for Columbia, Santa Marta

Tommorow I am takin the bus from Caracas to Santa Marta in Columbia. I have to admit I am in somewhat of a state of shock as I had planned to spend this evening at an Internet Cafe and update my blog with all the great pictures that I had taken the last four days in Caracas. I am sad to say that this is NOT going to happen as my camera was stolen today. A pair of guys, one snatching it out of my hands as I was taking a picture and the other waiting a short distance away on a motorcycle accomplished the theft in the blink of an eye. I did not even have a chance to give pursuit. I have to figure out a system for preventing this loss of data again. The camera I was not all that attached to as it was a Costco special at $133 and I was definitely dissapointed that it did not have built in image stabilization. However, it is all the photos that really mattered to me and has me feeling like I got punched in the gut, a loss that is just troubling. Anyways, I´ll figure a better system to protect my data so that I can have some sort of backup going forwards. Live and learn. Caracas is still and amazing city and I plan on coming back through here again before returning to the states.


affinity said...

I am sooo sorry!

Anonymous said...


We are enjoying these pictures so much and wishing we were someplace as beautiful and as warm as your park pictures show. We have had very cold story wet weather here and I am tired of it.

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anca said...

so sorry for you!! can you please tell me how long was the ride from Cracas to Santa marta with the bus?

thenks, anca :