Monday, November 19, 2007

New Orleans-Volunteering

New Orleans has captured my heart and I will be staying for at least another week.
On Saturday I volunteered at the New Orleans Mission to help with a Thanksgiving meal provided for those less fortunate. At this meal I talked with another volunteer named Michael Wong who is planning on buying a home here in New Orleans to continue helping New Orleans
less fortunate. Michael has his onw non profit called Bikes for Indonesia and is a member of a Christian church called The Gathering. Many people would agree that much of the recovery of New Orleans can be attributed to efforts of a great variety of faith based organizations. Michael was certainly very down to earth and made no efforts to prosletize, he is simply advertsing his faith through making a difference. I will be volunteering again at the Mission this Thanksgiving and also will look at some volunteering at local schools. I am at the library now and they only let you use the computer for one hour at a cost of $3. The place is packed and there is clearly more demand than supply. I'll sing off for now and wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. Those of us who can afford the luxury of traveling have much to be grateful for!


Anonymous said...

Donald John
I'm glad you are finding some rewarding experiences in New Orleans. I am certain that somehow the people in N.O. will decide that the 9th Ward is not the place to build homes seventeen feet below the oceaan (river) levels.
There are many places in the world where people bulild at sea level and get wiped out at storm time.
But building below the tide level seems to lack reasonableness.
We will miss you at Thanksgiving but hope you are doing what you want in a way that has the most satisfication for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

Everyone at Elaine's wished you a Happy Thanksgiving. Don and Carol were not able to attend so we missed the three of you. Matthew was home for the holiday and today we are going to have dinner at Steve's after we see Jersey Boys in the City. MaryAnne is in New York for a week.

Paul was having all the family for dinner. This will be their first without Flo.