Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gros Morne-Face of God


I just returned from a spectacular set of hikes in a national park called Gros Morne, OH MY GOD!!!, there is some of the most spectacularly beautiful land I've ever seen. Driving through a town last night I saw a huge fire that had me pull off the two lane route 430 Trans Canadian Highway at Rocky Harbor (Pop. about 900). There was a fire truck and a refreshment stand with kids playing and everyone having a grand time. This immense bonfire was to celebrate Guy Fawkes day on November 5.

I will be departing New Foundland today for Nova Scotia. I leave at about midnight from Port aux Basques. Only about a week left on my rail pass, so I will be spending little time in New York or New Orleans to get myself to Florida by the 14th.

I have had no luck with my camera being returned to me. I will do a blog entry that encapuslates the lost pictures when I get a chance. From now on I will upload the pictures as often as possible to avoid losing such precious cargo again. Before I left for Gros Morne I ran into a woman at the local radio station who confirmed that they will be doing some public service announcements for my lost camera. Have not totally given up, but on the bright side I certainly got to know and intereact with the people of the town of Cornerbrook very intensively and found them to be nothing but incredibly helpful. That certainly did my heart good and I am leaving New Foundland with a certainty that I will be returning.




Maria said...

Hi Don, nice to hear about your adventures. It all sounds pretty fabulous. Michael and I attended the EBNOM halloween party -lots of fun. Missed not having you there.
Sorry to hear about your camera, things like that sometime happen when you travel. I've had similar experiences and can relate with the way you feel about the pictures. Don't lose hope, good chance they may still show up. Send you lots of positive energy. Keep up the good work of keeping us posted on your adventures.
Hugs, Maria

Dad said...

Don John
Glad you have had the experience to visit Dorchester.
Your train schedule is being used in Canada to good advantage.
Missed you at Theme's birthday.
Garrett seems to be very happy with your lap top (problems logging on to the internet???
Enjoy your trip and be careful.