Saturday, November 10, 2007

Montreal to New York

Shhort layover here in Montreal (abuut one hour) and then catch the 9:10AM train to New York.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

Welcome to New York and a very big thank you for visiting Dorchester where I started first grade at 6 and left at 16, all grades in the same schoolhouse!! Latin, geometry and French included.

I thought you would like to know that you are missed by all of us.

Much love.


Anonymous said...

Hello Don,

Sounds like your having quite the adventure! Be careful as always in New York. Sorry to hear about your camera. I've always wanted to see New York, but I think that will have to wait a while now. Oh well, I'm sure the Guggenheim will be there after I retire. The Empire State Building would be pretty cool to see too, I believe the observation deck is still open. Hey, I got an idea, why don't you take them both in for me and I'll buy you the tickets for your Birthday. That's a really good idea! OK, take care and keep posting.

Love, Jeff, Theme and missing you something terrible Tia.

Anonymous said...

Donald John
Two days and no comments from N.Y.?
Hope everything is going well?
Costco has a new camera, same brand and with a few more features.
Cooling off in the Bay Area but only one small rain incident.
Do you need anything that we can send to a forward address ?
Is the train travel what you expected ?