Friday, May 09, 2008

A Different View of History-For Your Consideration

Since are so called leaders have a difficult time telling the truth, isn´t it time we dicovered for ourselves what´s the truth is? I leave it to you dear reader to do what you will with the thesis put forward in the book by Riane Eisler called The Chalice and the Blade. It asserts that the period of Neolithic agrarian life from 8000-3000 BC was the basis for the development of civilization. That it was marked by Goddess worship that had people view the earth as alive and live in harmony with all life. Notice the message that the indigenous societies that still exist today convey a similar belief. In my short time in the jungle with a Shuar community it was clear that these people live in harmony with the land and treat it with reverence. Is it possible that the Bible, the Koran and other religious texts that have replaced the Divine Mother with the Divine Father, did this to brainwash the population? That they don´t want people to know the truth? Why has so called modern history been marked by a few people lording over the many through the use of force? Why have we come to this moment in history where the acitivities of man now threaten the very existence of the life support systems of the earth that human life depends on? Do the last remaining sections of the rainforrest need to be cut down to answer these questions?

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