Thursday, May 08, 2008

Leaving Banos-Towards Peru

Headed South to Riobamba to take the Devils Nose train trip. From there I push further South to Cuenca. It has definitley been GREAT being here in Banos. It´s hard to leave this place that I have made so many great friends and feel really at home in. For me to make it through Peru and also have 2-3 weeks in Bolivia it´s imperative that I leave shortly, so my plan is to leave in a day or two. The one thing that is making it somewhat easier to tear myself away from this place is knowing that I will be returning someday. I have earned a nickname among some of my friends as the King of Epiphanies because I seem to have so many of them. This one came in the form of the need for a daily physical practice such as yoga and meditation to continually increase my health. To celebrate my realization I treated myself to a banana split at one of the local ice cream joints.
Total cost was $1.80 and it was fabulous.

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