Sunday, May 18, 2008


Covering some ground lately. Went from Cuenca Ecuador to Trujillo Peru in about 30 hours, with about 24 of those hours distributed on 4 seperate bus rides. Cruising through the Northern Desert in Peru was truly awesome. Reminded me of the immensity of the Black rock desert in Nevada at times, and then Death Valley at other times. The poverty in Piura and Chiclayo reminded of India. Grinding dirt poor, urban poverty is harsh on the sensibilities. Both cities swarmed with little three wheel motorcycle taxis. Unemployment is so high here that it seems that half the population drives a tax of some sort to make ends meet. I finally landed in
trujillo where I visited the ruins of Chan Chan and Huaca del Luna where we could also see the Huaca del Sol. These Moche and Chimu sites are Pre Inca and go "Way Back". After I got off the bus in Lima, after my 8 hour journey from Trujillo I "Bumped" into two friends from Banos. I had helped set them up for a jungle trip with my friend Shakai. We found a really nice hostel in the Mira Flores area, settled in for a great breakfast at place with really BIG chairs and talked about our Ayahuasca experiences. Spent the day exploring Lima. Will probably push off for the Nazca lines tomorrow.

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