Saturday, December 15, 2007

Venezuela-Settling In

I have arrived in Venezuela, the epicenter of the Bolivarian Revolution. Settled in very nicely on the island of Margarita. away from the main population center of Porlamar in the relatively undeveloped area of Bahia do Juan Griego. There is a wonderful assortment of fellow travelers and ex-pats from Europe in this island paradise. The Hotel Patrick has become a base of operations for me and besides a great group of people they offer free use of a computer with a fast connection. Most of the inhabitants of Margarita have pretty strong feelings about Chavez and were relieved that the constitutional referendum did not pass. I am glad I chose to come here fist to give myself an opportunity get oriented. I plan on staying here until the new year and then heading over to Merida for more intensive language training. That's all for now, adios!


Anonymous said...

Hi Don:
Isla Margarita sounds like a wonderful place to begin your adventure in S.A. I am sure you will benefit from whatever language mastery you can acquire. It makes the adventure much more enjoyable.

Wecelebrated Tia's 9th birthday yesterday and saw Marti. She has a wonderful relationship with a new man in her life. He is an architect and lives locally. They both love to tango and met at a class. She sends her greetings to you.

We will take care of getting your telephone back to Mark when it arrives . He sent us an e-mail saying they missed you at the office and he hopes you trip is all you hoped for.

We are so happy that you have frre computer acess as we so look forward to your blog additions.
For now, all our love.
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Well hello Don and Happy Birthday! We're all missing you around here, but it sounds like your having an elightening and good time. Keep up the blogs, it's good to hear from you. Love, Jeff, Theme and Tia.

Cherie said...

Hey Don,
Great to hear you are there and doing well. Sounds like paradise! It was great to cross your path here in Sarasota.
Be well.

Mucha suerte!

Cherie, Raffa and Bibi

peace mechanic said...

Cherie, Dennis, Raffie and Baby,

Buenas! Thank you for your hsopitality while in Tampa. The owners of Patricks are raising their 6 year here. It's a beautiful thing to witness as he seamlessly switches from Spanish to Dutch to English.

Vida Amor,