Friday, December 28, 2007

Swimming the Caribbean

My Dutch friend Alex and I decided to take swimming in the Caribbean to a whole new level. We swam about two and a half miles to a small, rocky windswept island off the coast of Isla Margarita on Wednesday the 27th, two days after Christmas. The island can be seen way off in the distance in between us. To see a few more photos that show the island and the beach we swam from click on this PHOTO LINK. It was an amazing adventure. To look at the distance we traveled look at this Google map.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

We are shivering in the cold here so I am really yearning for the warmth you are enjoying. The beach scene warms me just looking at it. You have truly found an island paradise.

All is well here. Steve came over yesterday to sit in the hot tub at our club. His hip is giving him a lot of pain so the warmth of the water helps. Matthew is picking Kelley up at the airport today so I expect we will see them for waffles here.

Terrible news on the rioting in Pakistan after the shooting of Benazir Bhuto. Can only speculate on whether elections will take place now as planned.

First caucus in Iowa next week with Obma and Hillary in a dead heat and McCain running ahead for the Rebublicans.I am in Obama's corner.



Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

I heard at the last EBNOM Wednesday Night meeting that you had a Blog going ... I'm not much of a Blog reader, but yours was easy to find on Google ... It sounds and looks like you're having a great time!

A belated Happy Birthday!

Peter D.

peace mechanic said...

Mom and Peter,

Great to hear from both of you.
There is a great writeup about the assassination of Bhutto done at December 28 at
I quote from this piece where Tariq Ali says, "because Washington insisted that she participate in this election, and she was torn in her loyalties. And finally, she, a woman of great physical courage, lacked the political courage to defy Washington. And I have to say this, it’s cost her her life. Had she decided to boycott the election, this would not have happened". This is just an excerpt of a larger piece that I highly reccommend people read.

I am glad to see a post from one of the guys from mens group. Glad to see your comment Peter.

Wishing everyone the best for the New Year to come.



lilith said...

well there I was wondering how you are and up popped your name and contact info. so I have been reading and smiling and nodding along.

what a great ride you are on - and what a beautiful place! I hope you find what you are looking for or, at least enjoy the journey. Take care and big hugs,

peace mechanic said...


Great to hear from you. Indeed it feels as if I am finding what I'm looking for by mereley being "On the Road". It took alot for me to jump back into the travel mode. To be making a difference while traveling has been my goal since leaving Korea in 1997. After ten years of working as a teacher and technology consultant within and for the school system it became clear that it was now or never for living my dream of making a difference while trveling. I am doing it, I am being touched and touching so many people in a multitude of powerful ways. Loving the dialogue.