Friday, December 21, 2007

Margarita-46th Birthday

This is an Island paradise here on Isla Margarita in Venezuela. I am thrilled to be here in Venezuela on my 46th birthday. The picture below is looking onto Playa Caribe, about a half hour walk from where I'm staying in Juan Griego. Please take a look at the photos I have uploaded for some more "visual storytelling

The reason it has taken me almost a week to make another blog entry is because I was having to contend with an issue related to my financing of these travels. It appears that I have finally gotten this issue sorted out, thanks to a "little help from my friends". I will go into to more detail in a future post, but for the moment suffice it to say that I landed in Venezuela with limited cash dollars in my pocket, believing that utilizing bank machines would not pose any problems. The nature of the "problem" gets to the root of much of what ails the world and as I said before this will be explored in a future post.

Paul, husband of Yvonne, gave me a Cuba Libre and wished me a happy birthday. Hank and Yeon from Holland just came back from out on the town and also wished me a happy birthday. Hank and I had a long conversation about the state of the world. We both agreed that America and Europe are both in trouble for a whole host of reasons. To have understanding beteen people is such a miracle. I am grateful for all of those people in my life that work to increase understanding amongst all people.


Kali said...

Dear Peace Mechanic -

Just checked in and saw your Birthday entry. Happy happy happy. . . . sending lots of birthday hugs and wishing you holidays full of love and laughter and that 2008 brings you safely back to DH for Burning Man!

peace mechanic said...


So nice to hear from you. Please give my regards to everyone in Deep Heaven especially that Naturalist friend of yours. Big Love from here in South America.



affinity said...

Happy Birthday, my good friend!!!

Peace Mechanic said...


So nice to hear from you. Give my love to Monkey Boy.

Big Love from HugoLandia,

Don-Fly Guy-Peace Mechanic

Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

So good to talk to you today and find that you were at this beautiful beach to enjoy a very happy birthday. Thank your friend so much for lending you her phone so we could send you are best wishes. Dad used our Internet connection and the cost to us was less than $2.00(@1.75) to be exact. We will use this to stay in touch, also e-mail and your blog. What fantastic pictures. So glad you have a camera again.



donald john said...


One of Arthur C. Clarke's three laws is "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." You call from a computer to a cell phone on the beach at Playa Caribe, while you viewed pictures of that same beach that I had just posted to my blog earlier, seems to really fit this notion.

Big Love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Looks like I'm a bit too late concerned your birthday. Like others I have just seen it on your blog - so happy birthday and all the best for your future!!!

Nice to hear that the cash I gave you in Miami was needed and helped you to "survive" ;-).

Kind regards from San José - Costa Rica


techmediakid said...


It was great going with you to Costco in Miami Beach for a quintessential American shopping experience. Indeed those dollars you gave me for your gear that I bought with my bank card proved to be highly useful. Thanks for the birthday wish and all the best to you on this Christmas day.