Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Traveling the America's

Hi All,

It's Tuesday, October 16, and I depart on Amtrak tonight at 9:38, headed towards Canada. I bought a 30-day rail pass for Canada and U.S. for $638.10 (AAA membership and off season pricing). Some of my family and the guys from my mens team will be seeing me off at Jack London square in Oakland. My first stop is Spokane Washington, where I will get to visit my Nephew at Gonzaga. My next stop will be in Vancouver where I will visit my Mom's family, the Grant Clan.


Kali said...

Peace Mechanic -
May wonder, adventure, joy, patience, love and laughter abound on your path. . . . . you go cry guy!!! All of us in the Burning Man circle will be holding your space and missing you much. Love and hugs, Kali

Minia said...

Peace Mechanic,
Many blessings on your great journey. I will be following your blog, taking in your experiences. I'm going to see you off at the train station tonight. Much love, Minia

Jason said...

I'll be holding you in my heart and mind as you embark upon this adventure. As Peace Mechanic, beginning a pilgrimage of sorts, I am reminded of a woman who has been an inspiration to me, who called herself Peace Pilgrim (see http://www.peacepilgrim.net/). I know you bring extraordinary gifts with you, and I am grateful you are giving these gifts to the world, as you have given them to me.

Peace be with you brother!