Saturday, October 27, 2007

Arrived in Toronto

I have arrived in Toronto after a truly remarkable journey across Canada. Visited my cousin Deb near Kamloops. Got to Jasper and decided to stay on the train headed East. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular. Very eventful trip across Canada from Vancouver. Met the most amazing assortment of people. It's 2:27 Saturday morning and I will add some pictures and tell a some stories of my time since leaving Vancouver, till then~don


Thomas Sanchez said...


looking forwards to seeing some of those pictures from the wonderful train-community frisbee session.

let me know when they're up. Hope all of your travels are going beautifully.

-SF Thomas of Parkour and Frisbee

don peck said...

Hey Thomas,

Jess from the UK who took the pictures may or may not send them. I asked her to, but that was in Toronto and it has been some days now. Hopefully we will see them sometime soon. If not it was great meeting you and playing Frisbee during a train break on the Trans Can.