Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bolivia-Where the Rich People Live

Strange, finding myself here in Bolivia, in a city called Santa Cruz that is so wealthy it is leading an autonomy movement against Eva Morales who seeeks to keep power centralized. Today I went with my two traveling companions of the moment, Vjen from Belgium and Jill from Australia to an outstanding "Butterfly-Aviary-Swimming-Brunch" park in the jungle on the oustskirts of town. This city has oil, gas, cattle and massive agricultural enterprises that make it very prosperous. It reminds me a bit of Caracas, Venezueula where you have incredible wealth and many folks driving around in brand new SUV´s enjoying the "Good Life". There is also a beauty pageant culture here also and physical enhancement looks to be quite popular.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Don,
Went to your webside and your blog. Nice to read that the belgium people keep crossing your path! I am going home tomorrow after being in Peru for a month. I wish you well on your travels. Keep meeting belgiums as they will bring you to this country as well.
It was nice meeting you, even in the early morning in Puno. Maybe next time in Antwerp.
Wishing you all the best, Brigitte