Monday, March 03, 2008

Medellin Day 2

As the political conflict caused by Colombia´s incursion into Ecuador to kill the ¨Number 2 FARC Commander" heats up, it has been reported that the United States provided key information to facilitate the operation. I love my country and loathe my government. Someday it will be nice when people who justify the use of violence some to their senses and stop making so much ugliness. Onward to practical concerns, my visa expires this Sunday so I will be haded to Quito this Sunday. I took a bunch more pictures today and captioned them and if you want to see them Click here for my Medellin Day 2 pictures. I am doing a week of language school at one of the Universities here for two hours a day. I am glad to get back into the langauge learning mode. I see that spending so much time thinking and writing in English is counter to me leanring the Spanish. So you should see in the coming months a mark drop in the amount of chronicling that I do in English. Pictured are Alber and Katalina whom I met on the tram.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

Your pictures are just spectacular. This city certainly seems to be providing wonderful amenities. The library and the rental of books at the Metro station really impressed me. We have just started loaning books at several BART stations locally. The level of poverty shown in your pictues is reminicsent of what we saw when we visited Caracas several years ago.